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All art, unless otherwise stated, is mine. Might also repost the talent of other artists for future reference of similar characters. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me by clicking on Feedback/Requests. Enjoy!

From last summer:

My little sister is a cheerleader at my old high school and I designed and decorated all the box sides, save one (which I changed this summer). The white/silver in the bow has sand to help with the grip when standing on it.

Indoor Paint on plywood box (2’) - TOP

— 1 month ago

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Edit of a pinterest post that my mum requested. 

Acrylic on Canvas (1’x1’)

— 1 month ago

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On June 14th, I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Marine Biology degree. This was my graduation cap. I painted it the night before and just kinda started painting until I was satisfied. I love how the colors came together and how everything I experienced in college came together for me.

— 1 month ago

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Custom art piece made for Andrea and finished just in time for her birthday. Delivering today!!

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So it’s been a while, again….

I moved back to LA and am still kinda settling in. But in order to cope and keep myself happy, sane and busy I’ve been painting :D uploading projects and progress shots to follow. A bunch of them have been commissioned by friends and family. I currently have 28 pieces to do and I will try to finish at least 3 a week. Been working on them every other day at least and I’m really proud of myself :D

Only thing is I’m not going in any particular order cuz i paint the pieces that are striking my fancy. A few of them to come (not any I’m working on currently) will be new styles for me and returning to some styles I haven’t done since high school :o

The biggest piece I’ve been working on is actually a collaborative piece with J. I’m really excited because 1) theme is amazing

— 3 months ago

Graphite doodle during meetings

Graphite doodle during meetings

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new pieces I’ve started on. I wonder what they’ll turn into….


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That’s all folks!

At least for now. But I do have a working sheet for the concepts of my next projects but for now here’s a list
- Alice in wonderland alternate movie poster (my own design)
- Pinocchio storyboard draft/sketch (I might do this one in ink, we’ll see)
- scene with maleficent in dragon form in front of her castle and the rose forest
- beauty&the beast: not sure what yet. But belle’s dress WILL be in there somewhere
- mulan/mushu/cricky

Any other suggestions?

— 1 year ago


Bambi coloured storyboard style. I finished it in less than 24 hours. Whoo!!!! The last pic is from Instagram so the colour is lighter due to the filter, although I kinda think it looks better :/
This was also requested by drea :) my friends feed my obsession and get gifts wayyyyyy late lol

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Progress from start to finish of the UP scene. Started it in late march and finished it June 27-ish and is currently the largest piece I’ve ever done. So I’m proud of myself since I designed and drew the thing from start to finish. Also I’m OCD so every, single balloon has its own string ;)
Requested and done for drea.

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Progress and (mostly) completed shots of the jungle book poster. Again the design isn’t my own for this one. But the drawing was all free-hand

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Finished little mermaid poster. This is ash’s present that I finished over spring break and never put pics up XP
It also took me like a year and a half to actually finish it….oops! But happy 21st babe!

Finished little mermaid poster. This is ash’s present that I finished over spring break and never put pics up XP
It also took me like a year and a half to actually finish it….oops! But happy 21st babe!

— 1 year ago

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Ahhhh it’s summer!

And since I’m back home and reallllly enjoy having excuses to not deal with my family I’ve been catching up on paintings and starting (AND FINISHING!!!!) new ones. Enjoy below! This tumblr may also turn into my rants that are too long for twitter or away from Facebook if I get the urge

— 1 year ago

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